Sang-hyun Kim


I work at Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) as Professor in the School of Mathematics since 2019. I also hold an adjunct professorship at KAIST. Before this, I worked at Seoul National University, KAIST, Tufts University, the University of Texas at Austin and MSRI. I received Ph.D in 2007 at Yale University under the supervision of Andrew Casson.

My research interests focus on the interplay between geometric group theory and low--dimensional topology, particularly motivated by right-angled Artin groups and manifold diffeomorphism groups. I was selected as the Scientist of the Month (July 2020) by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.

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Currently Teaching

  • KAIST MAS583 (25.583B), Groups and dynamics, MW 2:30 - 4 pm, San-kyung Room 1223, Feb 28 -

Conference organization

  • Scientific Committee, GAGTA (Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications), Vienna, Austria, May 22 - 26, 2023.

  • PK² Topology Workshop

    • Fall 2022, Nov 1 - 4, 2022. Busan, Korea.

    • Spring 2022, May 29 - June 1, 2022. Jeju, Korea.

  • Rigidity and Regularity of Diffeomorphism Groups (RRDG), KIAS, Seoul, Korea, postponed to a later year.

Seminars (co-)organized

All in Korea Standard Time GMT+9

  • KIAS Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar (Tuesdays 4 pm, occasional)

  • Virtual Seminar on Geometry and Topology (Wednesdays 4 pm, semi-weekly)


  • Group Actions Seminar (Thursdays 9 pm, semi-weekly. Halted)

  • Geometric Group Theory in East Asia (GGTEA) (Fridays 11 am, weekly)

Selected Work

  • (With Thomas Koberda) Diffeomorphism groups of critical regularity.Inventiones mathematicae , 221(2), 421-501 (2020).

  • (With Thomas Koberda and Yash Lodha), Chain groups of homeomorphisms of the interval and the circle.Annales Scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure, Series (2019)

  • (With Hyungryul Baik and Thomas Koberda), Unsmoothable group actions on compact one-manifolds.Journal of European Mathematical Society (2019)

  • (With Genevieve Walsh), Coxeter groups, hyperbolic cubes, and acute triangulations.Journal of Topology (2016)

  • (With Thomas Koberda), Embedability between right-angled Artin groups.Geometry & Topology (2013)


  • The Scientist and Engineer of the Month (이달의과학기술인상), awarded by Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, and by National Research Foundation of Korea, July 2020.

  • Y-KAST Member (Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology, 한국차세대과학기술 한림원), Feb 26, 2018 - present.

  • Research Excellence Award (우수연구상), College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University, March 3, 2017.

  • Excellent Paper Award (논문상), Korean Mathematical Society, April 23, 2016.For the work: (With Thomas Koberda), Embedability between right-angled Artin groups, Geometry & Topology 17 (2013) 493--530.

  • Teaching Excellence Award (우수강의상), College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University, September 15, 2015.²An award first established in September 2015. Based on recommendations by students council, faculty committee and course survey.

  1. Creative Teaching Grand Award, KAIST, February 15, 2013.

  2. Sang-San Prize for Young Mathematicians, Korean Mathematical Society, October 5, 2012.

  3. Silver medal, the 34th International Mathematical Olympiad, Turkey, 1993.