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JoongAng Ilbo, Scientific Walks with Sang-hyun Kim

Chosun-ilbo, June 14, 2023. On a public lecture, "the story of Bolyai", delivered at a Science Olympiads ceremony [Link]

Donga Science (KIAS Public Lecture), April 25, 2022 [Link]

Chosun-ilbo, Jan 18, 2022 [Link]

Various talks at YouTube [Link]

Interview for the new year, Chosun-ilbo, Jan 4, 2022 [Link]

Greenthumb Talk, Podcast by Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, recorded on Sep 13, 2021 [Link]

Joong-Ang Ilbo, hello! Parents, September 13, 2021 [Link]

Donga Science (magazine), Oct 2020 [Link]

Yonhap News, Aug 30, 2019 [Link]

Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korean Government, Jul 8, 2020 [Link]

Seoul Economics News, Jul 9, 2020 [Link]

Korea Presidential Fellowship, on KIAS, YouTube [Link]

Joong-Ang Ilbo, on Education 3.0 at KAIST, Feb 2012 [Link]

Joong-Ang Ilbo, on IMO, July 1993 [Link]

Joong-Ang Ilbo, on Seoul Science High School, November 1990 [Link]

Media Consulting

Great Minds, EBS : consulting for the five lectures given by Professor Ian Stewart

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